The demons of Tzeentch surge in the latest trailer for Total War: Warhammer 3

They were expected en masse, and they do not disappoint! The Chaos demons have just landed on video in Total War : Warhammer 3, under the banner of Tzeentch. The Architect of Change sees his colorful hordes arrive en masse on the battlefield, led by Kairos, the Weaver of Fates.

As you can see below, the demons aren’t here to joke:

Most powerful of Tzeentch’s minions, the terrible Kairos can read the pass like the future, and uses its abilities to disrupt the relations of all factions.

However, he is also a formidable opponent on the battlefield, since the Stick of the Next Day allows him to use his spells more frequently than usual. Taking into account that said spells are as numerous as they are destructive, one can imagine how the Weaver of Fates risks dominating his enemies thanks to magic.

At the unit level themselves, Tzeentch’s armies rely primarily on magic. Powerful spellcasters on foot to the flying creatures, these demons of Change excel in art to harass opposing troops before they come into contact.

On the campaign map, it will be possible to directly manipulate the winds of magic, while the Changes from Us will allow diplomacy to be manipulated like various reality events. This offers some control to the demons of Tzeentch, who can progress insidiously from region to region.

Total War : Warhammer 3 is always planned for start 2022, and you can find a video featuring the Great Cathay against the hordes of Tzeentch via this link. Enjoy !

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