The dengue epidemic stabilizes – all the news from Martinique on the internet

The dengue epidemic has tended to stabilize for three weeks even if the indicators remain slightly above the seasonal thresholds.

The surveillance indicators in town and in the hospital of dengue have been stable for three weeks but remain close to and above the seasonal threshold, indicates Public Health France, in its weekly update, this Thursday, January 14.

“Despite this epidemic lull, it is necessary to remain vigilant and to continue adopting preventive measures (destruction of breeding sites, individual protection with repellents, use of mosquito nets, electric snowshoes) in order to promote this exit close to the epidemic phase .

Martinique remains in phase 4 level 1 of the PSAGE (Epidemic Surveillance, Alert and Management Program) of dengue fever: epidemic confirmed.

17 deaths since the start of the epidemic

Since the start of the epidemic in November 2019, it is estimated that nearly 32,650 clinically suggestive cases of dengue have consulted a general practitioner in town.

Between November and January 14, 47 serious cases of dengue were hospitalized in an intensive care unit or intensive care (adult and pediatric).

In total, 17 deaths occurring in hospitals and at home have been notified since the start of the epidemic, including 14 since the beginning of September 2020. Among these 17 deaths, 15 were classified directly linked to dengue by the services of the CHU de Martinique, 2 indirectly linked to dengue.


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