The Department of Social Welfare begins a basic literacy course

The Department of Social Welfare has launched a basic literacy course designed to provide tools to help people in Castellví de Rosanes who either cannot read or write, or, despite knowing, only know how to express themselves in languages foreign. Through this course, they want to provide them with the necessary knowledge to face daily life, so that they can do the basic tasks and purchases of the day to day without any problem.

This training is offered with the support of the volunteers of the Creu Roja del Baix Llobregat Nord, and the courses began this Wednesday, November 24, but will last until June. Literacy classes will be given every Wednesday at Casal de la Gent Gran during the morning hours. In this way, they seek to bring a much-needed training to all the residents of Castellví de Rosanes who want to acquire this knowledge without having to move from the municipality.

From the council they have expressed that they hope that this course will serve the registered people as a base of their knowledge, and are encouraged to join other formations in the future.

In this course, the Creu Roja volunteer will provide basic literacy training in Spanish for people who cannot read or write, so that they can make purchases, move on public roads and access basic information about services, among other functions. On the other hand, those people who know how to read and write in a foreign language will be offered basic Spanish guidelines for daily life, which will also allow them to go from having a coffee to shopping at any establishment.

And it is that the objective of this literacy workshop, according to the council, is that it is very practical and that the people who participate can notice throughout the course, a great improvement in their quality of life when performing basic tasks to those who encountered the problem of this barrier.


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