The Department of Sports Medicine is back in operation –

From the age of 8, Juninenses have a service that aims to prevent and take care of the health of those who perform sports activities, through the Department of Sports Medicine. Attention is from Monday to Friday, at the CAPS of Borges and Pellegrini. In the framework of this pandemic, the shifts must be requested to the email [email protected] and then the response is sent with the day and time of the shift. Also through this route the physical apt is delivered.

In this regard, the Secretary of Health of the Government of Junín, Carlos Lombardi, said: «This is a restart, because for many years the Department of Sports Medicine has generated a great impact in the city due to the quality of the service. This is aimed at children who do some sporting activity and it helps us to control them and to avoid unpleasant events that can even cost their lives. We encourage sports activities because they are good not only for physical health, but also for mental health. But we do not want this activity to become an unpleasant event, so we try to avoid it with these controls.

“During the past year there was no public attention due to the issue of the pandemic, but now we are ready to put the department back into operation. We are going to start with a frequency of twice a week and the shifts are going to be granted through the mail [email protected] and the physical fit will also be delivered in this way ”, added Lombardi.

“We are pleased to start over with this that we consider so important, obviously, respecting each of the protocols since the pandemic did not go away and beyond that it is quite stable, a rebound is expected for the next few months,” said Lombardi .

«The controls had to return and that is why we are making this announcement. We, as a Municipality, ask the different associations and sports that the medical condition is required so that the children can do the activity without risks. This goes beyond the private check-ups that each boy can do with his family doctor. Our control is officially and is marked with all the requirements that are needed for sports practice.

Source: Junín Municipality Press.


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