the deployment of 5G electrifies the Assembly

One of the first passes of arms of the parliamentary re-entry was played around the debate on the deployment of the 5G network in France. In the Chamber, Tuesday, September 15, the day of the resumption of work, the deputy La France insoumise (LFI) Clémentine Autain questioned the Secretary of State for the digital transition, Cédric O. Not without irony with regard to the remarks held the day before by Emmanuel Macron in front of an audience of digital entrepreneurs on detractors of 5G, quick to return to “Amish model” and at the ” oil lamp “, She was concerned, among other things, about the lack of debate on 5G in Parliament.

“Emmanuel Macron closed the debate with arrogance and contempt, as if the notion of progress were once and for all tied to consumerism and sacrosanct competitiveness”, lambasted the deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis. “France and the government assume to be concerned about the economic question. It is absurd to repeat, as you do, that we want to reindustrialize France but to claim that we can do without 5G ”, replied Cédric O.

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The president (LRM) of the Committee on Economic Affairs in the National Assembly, Roland Lescure, says he is ready to debate 5G. Alongside the head of state on Monday evening, he supports the choice of “Innovation turning point”. “About ten of our European neighbors have already started to deploy 5G and in the face of progress, France once again prefers to slow down”, he regrets.

What about the environmental and health questions that are taking hold in public opinion? Worried about the possible harmful effects of 5G, some sixty elected officials, including 11 mayors of large cities, signed a forum on Sunday in The JDD for “A moratorium, at least until the summer of 2021”. Roland Lescure assures us that the government will take the time to “Answer the questions of the French”, while the auction for the allocation of the first 5G frequencies begins on September 29.

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For the deputy of Essonne Cédric Villani, who left the LRM group, “The government should not rush into the subject of 5G”. “We ask, before the allocation of frequencies, a debate in Parliament and a bill on digital sobriety”, indicates the mathematician, who has already led government missions on artificial intelligence or quantum computing. “Our opponents want people to believe that we are technophobic, but we need to be able to ask ourselves how we should reconcile the use of 5G with saving energy”, specifies the former candidate for mayor of Paris.

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