The derby of the morbid Annex, with the approval of the RFEF

Juan Manuel Rodríguez, coach of Las Palmas Atlético, in a file image. | | LP / DLP

The morbid derby resists the virus and the weather alert. Tomorrow’s clash between Las Palmas Atlético and Tamaraceite (12.00 hours, UDTV, Footters) is not in danger after knowing the suspension of 600 base and Regional category games. The battered lawn of the Annex is the scene of an unprecedented duel. Due to the sanitary protocol, and despite the restrictions, the yellow club contemplates the attendance of a third of the capacity -500 spectators-.

The RFEF Crisis Committee meets today and in principle the suspension is ruled out. Yellow subscribers have priority and the order of arrival is respected. To avoid crowds, it is recommended to go to Siete Palmas with a prudent margin. The use of the mask is mandatory.

Flowers to Chus Trujillo

The head coach of Las Palmas Atlético yesterday reduced the emotional charge to the morbid derby. “It is a three-point game, Recreativo cannot be differentiated from ‘Támara’. It’s not ethical. This format does not help the subsidiaries, when you already have a system in place, as the days go by, they change your group ”. He praises the dedication of Chus Trujillo, who has been key in the consecration of the rival in his debut in Second B – four promotions in five years.

“Chus is doing well, he is a born worker in all aspects. I’m happy for their successes ”, he determines on the official radio station.

The coach advances that mistakes act as an implacable judge. “You have to look for the right formulas, this category is set by the details. He does not see thrashing ”.

When facing the shock, he related the anecdote of the bank and the payment of the mortgage. “During the week, you have to be calm. He cannot live in agony. It is as if you give up 30 days of the month because on the 1st you have to pay the mortgage. Enjoy, but yes, when the meeting comes, we must give the most of what we have ”.

He recognizes that it is special to chain one hundred games with the subsidiary in 2nd B against Támara. “It is the team of my life. From the centenary, I am left with salvation in 2018 against El Ejido. Against everything and everyone, we succeeded. My face was agony. ”


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