The detail that reveals Mauro Icardi’s nerves during Susana Giménez’s interview with Wanda Nara: “There are several lollipops under the chair”

This weekend, racy details about the interview that Susana gimenez did to Wanda Nara and in which he also participated Mauro Icardi, after the scandal he starred in with the China Suarez in the last weeks.

On The Escandalones show, Rodrigo Lussich analyzed a photograph posted by the site Teleshow, captured in the hotel where the interview took place, and Lucas Bertero He found a detail that gave an idea of ​​the nerves that the PSG striker went through at that time.

“This photo is from the set of the recording of Susana’s report to Wanda. Look how Wanda looks at Icardi, that I was going to come in at some point to ask for forgiveness. How crowded he is! He’s like a loser and she looks at him like ‘crap!’ ”Lussich said.


“I discovered something in this photo. Notice that under Icardi’s seat there are three lollipops. That speaks of the nerves, because he is not a smoker. Every so often he would stick a lollipop, which he had there because he is nervous, ”said Bertero.

“All this is an indicator that he transpired more than a new prisoner, more than a false witness,” added the panelist. “He is like suffered. And Wanda looks at him as if saying ‘are you going to say everything I told you to say? Are you going to say everything we script? ” Said Rodrigo Lussich.

As detailed in The Morning Angels, Wanda will speak in depth about the crisis she went through with her husband and the appointment will be at an exclusive hotel in the French capital: the Ritz. The luxurious building is owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of Dodi, who was the boyfriend of Lady Di, and the top room is 4300 euros per night.


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