The details of the Minister of the Interior, Antoine Félix Diome …

This trip by Ousmane Sonko who wanted to face the examining magistrate of the 8th cabinet who was to hear him on this alleged case of rape and death threats made, will not be without consequences.

Indeed, by wanting to divert the procession of deputy Ousmane Sonko, the police finally clashed with pro-Sonko demonstrators. This was regrettable according to some authorities such as the Minister of the Interior Antoine Félix Diome who spoke on the Rfm. “This country is ours. No one is above the law. Every citizen must comply with justice. There is no discrimination, ”says the Minister of the Interior and Public Security considering that any recalcitrant will face the responsibility of the guarantor of public order.

On the point concerning the blocking of the deputy Ousmane Sonko on the road to Mermoz, the Minister of the Interior specifies: “that there is no Senegalese citizen who is forced to pass in such or such direction. However, I must specify that the traffic plan must be determined by the police according to the potential risks that can be operated ”. Thus, according to the Minister of the Interior, the deputy Ousmane Sonko had to go through where the security forces had indicated to him to avoid possible risks of insecurity.

Accused of disturbing public order, the boss of Pastef is finally at the Colobane Research Section where he is being interrogated. For this accusation, Minister Antoine Félix Diome recalls that the case is in the hands of justice and that he could not comment on it because, at his level, it is the restoration of public order that remains among his competences. Moreover, considering that the country is in a state of health disaster, any gathering, regrouping or procession should be prohibited because, leading to gatherings.

In the case of these supposed thugs who infiltrated the police, the Minister of the Interior disclaims all responsibility: “of course, among the police, there are civilians, but never in the corporation, the police will not allow certain kinds of infiltration other than deemed necessary to do the job of maintaining order ”.

Antoine Félix Diome also recalls that the State, through his ministry, will take all measures to ensure that integrity and stability are respected in this country.


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