The detention of three police officers required after the beating of Michel Zecler

Edit: A first version of this article mistakenly indicated that three of the four police officers involved in the beating of the music producer had been taken into custody.

Revealed by the Loopsider site, the viral images of the beating in order of Michel Zecler, a black music producer, sounded like the scandal too many. And pushed, two days after the brutal evacuation of migrants from Place de la République, to the impressive mobilization in France against police violence and the proposed comprehensive security law. Four police officers were referred Sunday to the Paris judicial court. And the consequences of the investigation entrusted to an examining magistrate.

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Exceptionally, given the gravity of the charges against them, provisional detention was requested against three of them, who had arrested and assaulted Michel Zecler in the entrance of his recording studio, and including the flood beatings earned him a temporary six-day work stoppage. While they partially admitted the facts, and said they acted under the effect “From fear”, they are indicted, said the public prosecutor of Paris Rémy Heitz of the heads of “Voluntary violence by a person holding public authority (PDAP), with weapons (a telescopic baton), in a meeting”, and follow-up, aggravating circumstances, “Racist remarks”, and “Forgery in public writing”, liable (in theory) to assizes.

Pre-trial detention is requested “In consideration of the exceptional and persistent disorder of the offense”, and for “Avoid a risk of consultation between the perpetrators or pressure on witnesses”, added the prosecutor. The fourth policeman, suspected of having thrown a tear gas canister in the studio, is indicted, in particular for “Voluntary violence” by PDAP, and placed under judicial supervision. The three peacekeepers and the brigadier presented until then “Good, even very good service records”. And had initially assured to have controlled Michel Zecler for “No mask wearing” and “Due to a strong smell of cannabis”, but only seized 0.5g of grass.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced Thursday “Revocation” police officers involved, “As soon as the facts are established by justice”. He accused them of having “Soiled the uniform of the Republic”. And Emmanuel Macron, finally coming out of his silence, said his “shame” the next day on facebook, before joining the producer on Saturday. The head of state also quickly asked for proposals to restore confidence between the French and the police. An output that contrasts with that of the Director General of the National Police, Frédéric Veaux, this Sunday in the JDD, who wants to believe that “The relationship between the police and the population is not damaged”.

Christian Losson


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