The deterioration of the health of the Kuwaiti artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah

Elaf: The health of the Kuwaiti artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, has deteriorated, according to what was revealed by her husband, Mazen Al-Tamimi, who indicated that he was considering transferring her to a hospital in the United States of America.

Al-Tamimi explained that the Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information contacted him, and that they discussed the developments of her health condition and the possibility of transferring her to a hospital in the United States of America to complete her treatment.

Al-Tamimi said that Al-Sharrah has been bedridden for four months, indicating that her condition is bad.
He added that he tried to obtain the necessary approval for his wife to travel to complete treatment in the United States of America, two months ago, adding: “The concerned American hospital agreed, but the press office refused Intisar al-Sharah’s travel without giving reasons.”


For her part, “Dalal”, the daughter of Kuwaiti actress Intisar Al-Sharrah, confirmed that the “Mayo Clinic” Hospital in America. He refused to receive her mother for treatment in the current period, indicating that her condition does not require traveling abroad.

The daughter thanked everyone who stood by her mother in this health crisis. Noting that the Ministry of Health did not fall short with them.

The artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, had suffered from a blood poisoning before entering the intensive care unit at the Amiri Hospital. In addition, she suffers from health complications, after undergoing surgery to remove ulcers in the intestines.

She refused to travel abroad for treatment, and her health worsened

And with a kind of reproach to her fellow artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, who was late in following up on her condition. May Al-Aidan indicated that it was Intisar who refused treatment abroad a year ago. Despite the doctors’ advice at the time, he gave her only two months to arrange her affairs and travel; In order not to worsen the state of health.

Al-Aidan wrote, “The hospital in America refused to receive Intisar al-Sharrah; Because of her delayed health condition, the health office only conveyed the refusal.. She wanted the most important thing to be cleared. Less than a year ago, she received a treatment abroad, and the victory of Al-Sharrah was the one who refused to go and travel and be treated.”
Al-Aidan commented: “Although the doctors warned that within two months, if I traveled and was treated, she would enter a dangerous stage, and Al-Sharrah’s victory is witness to my words and what she denies, and the media person Fajr Al-Saeed is a witness, and the artist Suad Abdullah is a witness.”

She indicated that Intisar remained determined to her opinion and refused to travel, and added: “Imagine all this period is normal when a person refuses treatment for all this time. It naturally enters a dangerous stage, and it is normal that the hospital in America refuses to receive it, they are afraid or they do not have the treatment; Because the state of health is delayed.”

And she continued, “Even in Kuwait in serious cases… the private hospitals refuse to treat and receive them, and in general, more than one hospital in the world will be contacted, travel, receive treatment, and return safely.. God heals the victory of al-Sharrah and heals all Muslim patients.”
May Al-Aidan concluded her post by saying: “But the advice of my brothers is that anyone, God forbid, gets sick, and the person is exposed to the disease as long as he is living with the disease. He does not hesitate, delay and delay treatment; Because the delay in treatment means, on the other hand, the difficulty of recovery. Hospitals and doctors in the world are not magicians, the healer is God, but the doctor and the hospital are a reason, so do not hesitate .. I pray that God heals her at this dawn.”


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