The diet to lose weight that lets you eat everything without getting fat

Can I create and follow my own low calorie diet?

“It is possible, it is more, it is done, but it is not due. It is common to follow any diet without understanding that it can have multiple harmful effects”, indicates Lorena Afonso, who recalls that among the most common adverse effects that a diet has poorly advised is, as I have already mentioned, fatigue.

When we want to lose weight, we tend to make a diet excessively strict in types and combinations of foods. The belief is also widespread that if you enjoy eating you are not doing it well; We tend to associate the diet or regime with a type of diet in which we must suffer to achieve the expected results, these sometimes unrealistic.

“It is The concept of a strict, restricted or excessively harsh diet generates rejection in the long run, since it subjects the person to a situation in which they do not feel at ease, which they do not enjoy… He has less and less desire to continue and finally decides to throw in the towel for his mental well-being. And when it comes to starting a diet again, it is difficult for us to re-motivate ourselves to submit to that suffering again, “he warns.

In addition to this, these types of unsupervised diets do not generate changes in the lifestyle or increase our knowledge to allow us to learn. “If the person does not understand the nature of what they are doing, what they need to eat to stay in good health; they are not taught what amounts are appropriate from the different food groups and at what frequency; healthy and palatable recipes and In some cases, if the relationship with food is not improved, we are not doing a good job that has a long-term effect. “

The food education is essential. When you understand, you can self-manage your dietary pattern at will and according to each situation that arises. This is what we are looking for in consultation, to provide the person with all the tools that will allow them to enjoy eating healthy and forever.


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