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The difficult days of Nelson Polanía ‘Polilla’, after the death of several relatives

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Nelson Polanía, better known in the world of humor as’Moth‘, has been part of the cast of’Happy Saturdays‘, for which there are millions of laughs that he has managed to get from the viewers of the traditional program, of which he has become a benchmark.

However, far from so much happiness by which he is usually surrounded, the comedian from Bogota is in the news as a result of an interview he gave to ‘La Red’, Caracol Television magazine, in which he recounted the difficult days that he and his family are going through , after the sudden death of several family members.

According to what was stated in said conversation, It all happened after the death of his grandmother, a woman of almost 93 years old who was the bastion of the entire Polanía family; This is why all the members decided to fulfill their last wish: to meet to see her off in Pereira, where she resided.

And although ‘Polilla’ could not attend the wake, he did attend the meeting that took place several days later, but it was just on the way to the place when death knocked on his doors again.

“Unfortunately an accident happened and two cousins ​​who came on a motorcycle had an accident and killed each other, practically in front of the eyes of the whole family because they were all in a caravan,” he said.

Similarly, the 49-year-old comedian and husband of ‘La Gorda’ Fabiola explained, according to information from the authorities, what were the causes of the accident that resulted in the tragic death of his two relatives.

“The last we heard from Forensic Medicine is that she, my cousin, the person who was driving the vehicle, apparently had a microsleep. Then, a car passes and she is scared, they fall and both die from the blow “, he concluded.

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Despite the moments in his life that can become complex, Nelson Polanía and Fabiola Posada have proven to be a very close couple. In fact, thousands of people have become followers of their relationship, one of the longest-lasting in Colombian entertainment with almost 27 years of history.

Proof of this family union is the endorsement that both celebrities have given to Nelson David, their son, who for a long time has declared himself openly homosexual. In mid-April, for example, the 58-year-old Samaria published a video on her Instagram account in which she mocks prejudice and reiterates her support for the guidance of her son, Nelson Polanía, who announced a while ago that he is homosexual.

In the publication, she represents a funny ‘sketch’ in relation to her son’s sexual preference, through which she makes fun of the prejudices that current society maintains against the subject.

“Advantages of being the gay son of ‘La Gorda’ Fabiola”, indicates the title of the video, while the comedian makes ‘play back’ of a dialogue in English that translates: “Oh my God, he’s gay! No!”; While moments later, Nelson David comes out on stage wearing sunglasses and with a cup of coffee in hand, after which he points to a text that says: “gossip 24/7 and be divas”.

In addition, on repeated occasions, ‘La Gorda’ Fabiola and ‘Polilla’ have expressed their support for their son’s sexual preference, since there are constant publications with which they highlight their love and the value of their person above any other reason.


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