the difficult rehabilitation of a military heritage

After the closure of its former military barracks, Châteaudun (Eure-et-Loir) saw all its soldiers desert. The mayor of the municipality decided to rehabilitate the premises into a nursing school, a retirement home and a park. A page that turns in pain. "It's a deep wound and it looks like a mourning, to mourn, you have to be active"explains Alain Venot, mayor of Châteaudun.

The commune of 13,000 inhabitants wants to be reborn, but it must face the closure of an air base. Another 300 soldiers will leave the city. In recent years, Châteaudun no longer attracts investors. While crisscrossing the city by car, we can observe abandoned sites, old industrial jewels. Helpless in the face of difficulties, the inhabitants are now hoping for an awareness at the top of the state so that finally Châteaudun raises his head.

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