The digitized archives of the “Tribune” – Death, a big missing from the trenches reports

Julie’s archives plunge us into a distorted view of the First World War, where the horror of the conflict is largely watered down.

Archives of the Tribune de Genève: the question of death in the Great War

Frédéric Thomasset

Lhe archives of the “Tribune de Genève” are now digitized. The first part (1879-1920) is to be discovered on On this occasion, we invite you to come back in the company of experts on the strong themes and significant events that have made the history of the newspaper.

We can speak of a distorted vision. Or a truncated reality. In the press of the time, the First World War does not really stick to the image we have of it today. She is neither dirty nor cruel. It would be a noble conflict where one falls into the field of honor. To corpses and their rotting, the newspapers of the day preferred the just cause and good morale of the troops. As for the “Tribune de Genève”, it is no exception.

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