The dioceses of Castilla y León “adapt” the dates of the communions

Some of the dioceses of Castilla y León are inclined to adapt the dates of the communions according to the evolution of the coronavirus crisis and do not rule out having to delay them, while others have nothing decided. Thus, in Valladolid, the Archdiocese has not taken the decision to postpone the celebrations, but to “adapt” as the situation generated by the State of Alarm evolves, although it does not rule out that they have to be “postponed” until September, as others have already proposed. diocese outside the Community, which will affect about 3,200 children.

In Ávila they do not want to venture to give a date either. The Bishopric has assured that when the health authorities consider that normal life can be resumed, “the appropriate decisions will be taken.” The same occurs in the Diocese of Burgos, which will “take steps” as the situation evolves.

In León and Astorga they appeal to “caution” about the decision to be made and in Palencia, the diocese has not considered, for the moment, delaying the May communions although it considers that if they continue like this “they cannot be celebrated”.

In Salamanca they do not have a “closed” decision either and in Segovia, the diocesan vicar general, Ángel Galindo, has advanced that the celebration of communions is not valued “until the health emergency situation passes”, although he does not foresee that it will come out of this situation before May, reports Ep.

Meanwhile, the diocese of Osma-Soria has indicated that it will be each parish priest who decides “with the families” to look for another date “if there is a case of having to delay them, which seems most likely.” .

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