the dirty blow she did to her father rises to the surface, he rocks everything and comes out of silence after years!

Since her arrival in season 5 of the Angels, Nabilla is at the top. But doesn’t this argument with his father risk ruining everything?

Nabilla like you’ve never read!

A personality that causes debate

Who has not seen this short extract throws us the first… bottle of shampoo. Indeed, the reality TV program owes him a lot. And the converse is so true. Having become a true businesswoman, Nabilla reigns supreme over her professional life. Objection knows that nothing and no one will be able to dislodge it. Whatever happens, she knows the recognition she owes to her fans but also to those around her. Without them, she might not have had the strength to build it all with her own hands.

As for this second video, we may watch it for the hundredth time, we would still have the same giggles. At the material time, it was not known whether she played a role or whether the youth played a large part in it. In any case, even the literate Stéphane de Grodt will never forget this sequence. Invited to write his column, nothing will go as planned. Adored or envied because of her dream figure, she proudly claims her way of selecting her outfits. One thing is certain: Nabilla is now in the very closed circle of personalities that we do not forget!

Complicated relationships with men

In life, Nabilla says she is very close to her grandmother. For those who remember it, it reminds us of the most famous of French cinema: Poupette. Performed by the late Denise Gray and forever in the heart of Sophie Marceau, she always covered the heroine in her teenage stories. Among the Benattias, Livia is the first to meet her dear and tender Thomas. As always, the young woman is not going to do anything halfway to show him / her love for us. Even if everything goes wrong many times. In fact, they are playing a clever cat and mouse game. Everything could have remained good child, but this tragic news unfortunately took place!

While they were arguing for the umpteenth time, Nabilla lost control. Very quickly, she hits her lover with a c ** te * u. So hard that it will take months to recover in the hospital. Thin and traumatized, he will nevertheless find the strength to see her again and even to forgive her. Since then, the two lovebirds have come a long way. And it is not in France that they intend to make old bones. Constantly harassed by the press, they decide to get married in Las Vegas and then to pack up. Direction, as far as possible and preferably to start a family!

However, even thousands of kilometers away, Nabilla will debate. What can we do to stop talking about her negatively? When she becomes pregnant with her first child, she realizes that her life will change dramatically. She and her husband absolutely must find a way to protect this little boy from the photographs. So, instead of having photos stolen from her, she decides to do her own communication around the happy event. More beautiful than ever, her pregnancy is going rather well and she gives birth to her little prince in October 2019.

A reunion like no other

A priori, the couple does not regret anything in France. If not their loved ones they miss. So when they have the chance, Nabilla and Thomas make the trip. And not just any old thing please: board their private jet! Lately, the young woman wanted to reconnect with her dad. Between them, everything has not always been as rosy as its nail polish!

Ever since she became famous, she felt like rejected by her father. Moreover, the latter has rebuilt his life and had two other children to whom he gives more attention. When we ask him about his eldest daughter, he does not go wrong. He does not necessarily assume that it is so publicized. In front of one of the colleagues ofObjection, he will not hesitate to knock her out “She didn’t invent the powder. Glitter, stuff, it’s not my thing“.

Entrusted by Thomas, this anecdote from the past is unlikely to help matters. “That day Nabilla went to her father and asked him for his scooter, her father gave her and she left for seven days with her father’s scooter without giving any news.” Disappeared from radars, the young woman then resurfaced near Geneva. Angry with her, he then gave her back the change “He stood in front of her at the red light and he said ‘get off the scooter’ and he punched her on the helmet”

Phew, water has flowed under the bridges since! Now it’s reunion time! Excited by this visit, Nabilla put on her 31 to show her that she had succeeded and that he could be proud of her! When Objection writes his lines, we learn that the tax authorities are investigating his friend and neighbor Caroline Receiver ! So, is the reign of the Vergara about to give way? Following the next episode!

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