The discernible limits of war “beyond the horizon”

With armed drones, the West could limit the risks to its own forces. But war is not all about technology.

The war will be able to continue, but at a distance. By leaving Afghanistan, by reducing the format of its engagement in Iraq, the United States promised that it would not give up the war on terrorism. “We just don’t need to wage a war on the ground to do itUS President Joe Biden said on August 31 from the White House. We have what is called “beyond the horizon” capabilities, which means we can strike terrorists and targets without US troops on the ground, or very little if necessary ”, he added. It was not the first time that he mentioned this ambition to keep “One eye firmly fixed on any direct threat to the United States”, and to be able to react “quickly” if necessary. It is still necessary to be able to take action.

The formula is above all rhetorical. It must reassure an American society tired of endless wars, costly in human lives, thousands of kilometers from

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