The discreet return to business of Benjamin Griveaux

We need to treat soldier Griveaux. The deputy (LREM) and ephemeral unsuccessful candidate for mayor of Paris is making his gradual return to the forefront. On a media diet since his abandonment of the race for City Hall – after the disclosure of a video of a sexual nature – the former government spokesperson continues political missions. This Tuesday, a decree published in the Official Journal indicates that the elected Parisian has just been entrusted by the government with a “temporary mission” having as its object “the means to provide young people with better food accessible to all”.

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In fact, this (unpaid) mission should address the issue of reducing social inequalities through the food issue: the most disadvantaged social classes often have the least favorable public health indicators. “Equality of opportunity, it can also start on the plate”, deciphers a close friend of Benjamin Griveaux, explaining that the subject “is close to his heart, for family reasons”. The person concerned had already addressed the subject when he was Secretary of State at Bercy, when working on the “Egalim” law (agriculture and food) in 2017.

“Honestly, he blew me away”

The idea for this mission was born from discussions between Griveaux, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran and that of Agriculture Julien Denormandie. It is above all on the latter on which Griveaux will depend, moreover, we told Matignon. The two ministers then presented the idea to Jean Castex last week, who on Sunday signed the decree formalizing the mission.

Very close to Emmanuel Macron, Benjamin Griveaux had already been entrusted at the beginning of June with a short parliamentary mission on the role of the defense industry in the economic recovery policy (BITD) in the era of Covid-19. The conclusions of the mission, which he carried out with the deputy (LR) Jean-Louis Thieriot, were submitted to the Assembly on July 21. “I found him serene, fully invested in the mission. Honestly, he blew me away, ”says Thieriot.

Griveaux has not spoken again – apart from a few messages posted on social networks – since his abandonment of the race for mayor of Paris, at the end of a catastrophic campaign, which had ended the publication of an intimate video by the political refugee and Russian artist Piotr Pavlensky, since indicted.

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