The disrespect of Quique Setién to Bordalás

Quique Setián and José Bordalás will see each other again this Saturday, in a duel and coaches that have had very ugly episodes in recent years. Especially by the Cantabrian, with continuous and ugly contempt for the football of Alicante. Bordalás recognized it this week in an interview in the Ser network: “It may be that I have once disrespected as a coach referring to my team, and in those who have failed to truth, but I am not spiteful,” he said. the Getafe coach

Quique Setién and José Bordalás, two antagonistic technicians in the style that they impose on their teams, will cross tomorrow at the Camp Nou with a newspaper library full of declarations that reveals a rivalry that over time has been softened to an apparent cordiality.

The Barcelona-Getafe weekend will be the most even of all that have been played at the Camp Nou. The Bordalás team had never reached the Barca field so high in the standings. It is third after 23 days and after its exhibition against Valencia (3-0), it seems that the candidacy of the Azulón team to play the next edition of the Champions League is serious.

With a three-point income over the fifth classified, Sevilla, Getafe needs revenue at the Camp Nou to stay in the fight to finish in the top four. To do this, Bordalás will have to overcome a team whose coach imposes a completely different style than the blue box, marked by intensity, fighting, verticality, poor possession and fast transitions.

In the midst of this clash of styles, in the past there was also a verbal confrontation that began in 2013, when José Bordalás trained Alcorcón and Quique Setién al Lugo. On April 13 of that year, Setién criticized the Bordalás team after losing 0-1 in the Anxo Carro.

«I hope that the Alcorcón does not ascend. It’s sad to see them »
“We have let ourselves win by a team that has not deserved it. I am pissed to see the players waste time. Of the teams that are up, I hope that the Alcorcón does not ascend, because it is sad to see them. It is a complicated opponent because he does not play or let play. They interrupt and waste time, “said Setién that day.

A year and a half later, on November 23, 2014, again they both collided in a duel between Alcorcón and Lugo. Setién again criticized the team led by Bordalás: “It seems that all teams warmed the game against Alcorcón and this team ends up having trouble with everyone, not with me. This has been a game to call it somehow, because I do not interpret it as such, I interpret it as something else. There has been no continuity, with some assiduity there have been interruptions, messes and for us it is not like the ones we used to play, “he said.

Bordalás, on this occasion, replied to his counterpart on the bench. He made his position clear: “The important thing is that he has won the team that has most wanted to win, the one that has most sought the victory and the one that has thrown a couple of balls. I think it is a very serious lack of respect and I urge whoever corresponds , Federation, LFP or AFE to take action on the matter to cut these comments, “he said. That day, according to witnesses from the mixed zone of Santo Domingo, both coaches had to be buried when they were about to reach their hands.

Already with the two technicians in the First Division, Bordalás in Getafe and Setién in Betis, both signed a 2-2 on November 3, 2017 at the Benito Villamarín stadium that unleashed criticism from the Cantabrian coach:

«This is not football. It is something else. My blood boil”
“I thought it was unfortunate. Getafe is the team that lacks the most. He knows it and it is unfortunate that only three minutes have been added. It is always the same. These things have to look at it because the fault is the referees “You can’t allow only 25 minutes to play each time. This is not football. This is something else. My blood boils.”

Those statements broke the usual greeting of the coaches before the games. Bordalás, in the return clash that was played at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, did not approach Setién to shake his hand. It was the last time that both got involved in a dialectical dispute. .

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