The disrespect of Ramón Calderón that explodes Real Madrid

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The painful defeat of Real Madrid in the field of Betis has caused a cascade of reactions that are not leaving the white club in a very good place. The criticism against the leader until yesterday is being intense and, surely, deserved for his inadmissible performance in Benito Villamarín, but there have been opinions that have crossed a dangerous line.

A former president of Real Madrid, such as Ramón Calderón (2006-2009), has used his Twitter account to lash out at Militao, who has mocked calling him ‘Limitao’, and in turn has been charged by the person in charge of his signing, which according to He is Florentino Pérez.

Ramón Calderón’s tweet has not liked the great majority of Real Madrid, who understands that one thing is criticism and another lack of respect. The reactions to his writing are being very hard against the former leader. .


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