News The DNC was reportedly "closely involved in the development...

The DNC was reportedly “closely involved in the development of the notorious app” that botched the Iowa gatherings


The shadow of Democratic Presidential Candidate, former Mayor of South Bend, Ind., Pete Buttigieg, is cast on the state flag of Iowas as he speaks during a campaign event at Northwest Junior High on February 2, 2020, in Coralville, Iowa, speaks. (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)

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  • According to a report by Yahoo News, officials from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had access to and helped build the app that botched the Iowa gatherings.

  • National party officials in their original contract pushed for “continuous access” to the app, the report said.

  • The app developed by Shadow Inc. led to delays and inconsistencies in the reporting of caucus data from the closely observed caucuses.

  • The contract stipulated that Shadow would provide DNC with monthly updates on the development of the app, the report said.

  • You can find more stories on the Business Insider homepage.

According to a report by Hunter Walker of Yahoo News, officials of the National Democratic Committee were “closely involved in developing the app,” which resulted in massive delays in the results of the Iowa gatherings.

DNC officials had access to the app prior to the Iowa gatherings and received “monthly written updates” on the development of the app, Walker reported, citing a contract to develop the app.

An unnamed source who participated in the meetings told Yahoo News that national party officials were “closely involved in this process”.

While the DNC tried to distance itself from the app, it had “constant access” to the app before it started, according to a contract mentioned in the report.

DNC’s CEO Seema Nanda and DNC’s deputy chief technology officer, Kat Atwater, were involved in the drafting of the contract and, according to the report, pushed for access to the app.

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The DNC informed Business Insider that the only participation in the app was to connect an external cyber security consultant to the Iowa Democratic Party.

Nellwyn Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at DNC, said in a tweet that the Yahoo News report is “not new” and “not true” – The New York Times had previously reported on the contract and the DNC’s request for access to the cyber security testing app.

DNC spokesman Xochitl Hinojosa told Business Insider that the DNC was not involved in the development of the app and “designed a broad language” to ensure that the app was accessible to the DNC security advisor.

“We have neither created the application nor monitored development – that is the responsibility of the provider. We only provided security support,” said Hinojosa.

The app was developed by Shadow Inc., a technology company that claims to “build political power for the progressive movement,” according to its website. After the app caused massive delays, leading to confusion and frustration over the lack of results from the closely watched Iowa gatherings, Shadow said the problems were caused by coding errors that affected data reporting and the actual results of Meetings did not adulterate around the state.

Even so, the Associated Press said it would not name a winner in the Caucuses. DNC chairman Tom Perez also requested readmission in Iowa, and both Sanders and Buttigieg have made official requests for a partial overhaul.

The chaos eventually led to the resignation of state party leader Troy Price. Perez told the New York Times that Price “was doing his best, but it wasn’t enough”.

Read the full report on Yahoo News.

Read the original article about Business Insider


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