The doctor Bolotina called the symptoms by which you can recognize problems with the liver even before the tests

Have been ill with SARS – donate blood

In a planned manner, in relatively healthy people, it is enough to check the functioning of the liver once every one and a half to two years. But if you moved, for example, viral infections and took (or are still taking) any drugs, then take a blood test in order to make sure that everything is fine with the liver.

According to the doctor, almost any drug can cause damage to liver cells. But the severity of the changes varies greatly. Most often, the liver is damaged by antibiotics, paracetamol in high doses, hormones, immunosuppressants, etc.

It is impossible to predict how the liver of a given person will react to any drug. Doctors are aware of the effects of drugs on the liver, so blood tests are ordered periodically to check how the body is responding to treatment. If there are changes, the scheme is corrected.

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