The doctor whose mission is to rebuild the spine

The doctor Alfonso Vega bland it’s a doctor surgeon graduated from the School Doctor Naval and has the Specialty in Neurosurgery endorsed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He has postgraduate studies in pathology and reconstruction from column vertebral and spine surgery, these studies are supported by the University of Barcelona.

In an interview with Your doctor the doctor Vega He said that since high school he was already clear that he wanted to be neurosurgeon Since this item has always attracted his attention, he also said that decided to study medicine with the desire to help to the people.

“When you study medicine in large part it is for a humanistic question of being able to help people, although it sounds very romantic but really healing, trying to help a person, improving the quality of life of patients who have pain, suffering, it is something that moves you to want to study medicine.

With more than 10 years of experience, the doctor Vega it’s a neurosurgeon expert in surgery of column minimally invasive. Thatl Chief of the Neurosurgery Service of the Naval General Hospital High Specialty. In addition it is neurosurgeon from the staff of Hospital Médica Sur and Grupo Ángeles.

Despite the important positions that the doctor Vega bland, points out that this is thanks to experience and everything he does is in order to be able to form good teams to help at persons.

“Having administrative positions helps us to form this part of conglomerating people who have the same goals and capacities as you to make a more solid group in the treatment of the different pathologies that we treat and this helps us to obtain better results with patients from a point of view even of various specialties “.

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The problems of back are one of the most common pathologies in Mexico

The specialist points out that although there is no national registry of persons that are subjected to surgery from column in the country, between 95 and 96 percent of the population will have a pain lumbarHowever, few will require an operation.

“Of all the patients what have these inconvenience, only a small percentage of these patients, between two or three percent are those who will require surgery, being the herniated disc the suffering of column more common in the general population.

Main indicators of problems of column

The doctor Vega bland points out that normally the column is affected by a degenerative issue by age, being the persons older than 60 years are the main affected, but indicates that blow injuries can also severely affect the column and the back.

Explain that the two areas that may be affected is the column cervical which is the neck and the column lumbar what is the back and back low, “the main indicator that something is wrong is pain from neck and some kind of numbness is added in the leg or arm; It is when it is already thought that there is compression of the nerves at the cervical or lumbar respectively”.

It also indicates that persons have to assist with a specialist when the pain from neck O back low is persistent and is accompanied by numbness or numbness either on the arm or on the leg or the pain from back o de neck does not yield to the intake of an analgesic or anti-inflammatory for more than 3 or 4 days, it is recommended to attend a specialist.

Many persons are afraid to attend with a neurosurgeon

“Many people when they hear the name of neurosurgeon or spinal surgeon are afraid, since they think that the first thing that is going to be offered to them is a surgical procedure when probably only 5 percent of the patients we attend are those who require a surgical intervention”.

Indicates that it is important that persons come with a specialist, that are valued by persons prepared to take care of the different problems and pathologies that they present and that are not necessarily solved with surgery.

Improving the quality of life of patients is everything to him doctor Vega bland

The specialist account that when he began his studies in neurosurgery realized that one of the areas that they also work is that of surgery of column, “more seeing the nerves and understanding the anatomy of the column vertebral and that many people suffer from this, and that it is today in the area of ​​neurosurgery probably one of the main reasons for both public and private consultation and seeing all that I focused on the study of surgery of column mainly to improve the quality of life of patients and help them to live without pain“.

Count that all spinal surgeries are complex since each patient is unique and unrepeatable in the anatomy of the disease, so each operation represents a challenge for which they have to be prepared, but everything begins long before the surgery.

“We have to analyze the case, prepare it, talk with the family, make them understand what they have and the reason for the surgery,” says Vega Sosa.

It also indicates that there are very long surgeries, vertebral fractures, tumors, congenital malformations, so all operations are complex, but experience and day to day, performing different complex operations make the surgeon improve and become part of the challenge of getting patients to recover their good standard of living.

Before going through a surgery of column the patient must have already gone through different processes

“The surgery is for improve the standard of living of a patient who has pain, for someone to require surgery that person has already gone through pills, therapy, injections, “he says. Vega bland.

The specialist says that there is the stigma of surgery of column as something aberrant, “many patients think that if they have surgery they will not be able to walk or that there is a risk of not moving again, but today a column It is an alternative to recover the standard of living, where the benefits far outweigh the risks of any surgery.

The covid pandemic has caused more problems for back

Alfonso Vega bland indicated that the pandemic affected persons to suffer pain from back, especially to sedentary women with obesity and smoking problems, but it also indicates that those who stayed at home without being able to move and required some exercise were also affected.

“The pandemic mainly affected people who were left without moving and on the other hand, those who stayed at home and who required to do some type of exercise were also affected and had to do it through television and not being supervised, they were damaged when practicing the exercise “.

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“Those are the two extremes that threw the pandemic as for the problems of column. But those patients who became sedentary, who stopped doing physical activity and gained weight predominate, “says the specialist.

Alfonso Vega is proud of his decorations

Thanks to his effort and sacrifice the doctor Alfonso Vega bland He has been decorated on various occasions; in 2004 he received the perseverance award from the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, same achievement that he won in 2015.

“Decorations are rewarding from the point of view that it is a formative stage in my life where I had to serve the nation, I had to be there, do what had to be done and it is an honor to be rewarded with perseverance or Honorable mention, they are recognitions that you earn with effort, dedication and work, “said the specialist.

Alfonso Vega bland assures that he would like to be a pioneer in robotic surgery techniques and in column on Mexico would like to discover new minimally invasive techniques for column. The commitment is clear: he will continue to work to improve the lifestyle of his patients.

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