The Dodgers are the first team to qualify for the MLB playoffs

Wherever you see it Los Angeles Dodgers They have been the best team of la MLB this season and in their own right they have become the first qualifiers to the playoffs of the Big leagues.

Your ticket to the playoffs could not come more symbolically with a victory of the young Dustin May against the San Diego Padres (and at Petco Park).

The dodgers They have taken the toughest series of their entire season against what seems to be their only rival in the entire National League: parents by Manny Machado, Tatis Jr and Mike Clevinger.

It was not easy, the Padres surprised in the first after a controversial decision by Dave Roberts taking out a dominant Clayton Kershaw. But on the second and third, the pitching of Dodgers he did the job, the offense appeared and with only two runs of difference per game he took the victories.

So nothing, the dodgers will be for the 8 consecutive year in the postseason of the Big leaguesWill this year be the good one?

We only see one problem: Dave Roberts And those strange pitcher changes.

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