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“The dog marked bushes where the victim was discovered”

It came close to witnessing a new drama. Indeed, a missing person was found at the last minute, his life being in danger, on November 24.

“Our men had to work with a federal police tracking dog handler during a difficult search, which began at night under complicated weather conditions. In addition, the search area was vast and hilly, ”reports the Trieux police zone, covering the municipalities of Courcelles and Fontaine-l’Évêque.

“But the dog ended up marking a dense area of ​​bushes in which the victim was found dying. The place being extremely complicated to access, the police inspectors made the decision to transport the victim at arm’s length in order to take him to the nearest motorized access. The emergency services were thus able to take charge of her quickly. She was conditioned on site for a long time before being transported to the intensive care unit. This fruitful collaboration between local and federal police and the professionalism of the interveners will have saved a precious life. “

On the other hand, as regards the reasons for the disappearance, the type of injuries from which the “dying” victim suffered and why the federal police intervened … This will remain a mystery. The Trieux police zone, even if it itself sent this very terse press release, did not wish to say more. This silence is also at the request of the prosecution which specifies that “there will be no additional comment”.


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