The dollar raises the prices of mobile phones the economic value of up to

12:41 pm

Saturday 13 June 2020

Wrote – treatment of the pilgrims:

Record number of mobile devices will rise in price for some brands, the increase concentrated in the phones category price Economic and less price.

He attributed a number of employees Market mobile higher prices to the recent increase of the prices of the dollar recently after it had declined since the middle of last month.

Said Muhammad al-Mahdi founder and honorary Guild Communication and, if the prices of smart phones for various companies soared during the past couple of days significantly.

The increases ranged in price between 70 and 150 pounds of smartphones in the company’s correct price is less than two thousand pounds, a substantial increase, depending on the task.

Added important to see, that the market is suffering from weak demand and lack of supply of products due to the conditions of logistics affected by the dimensions of the corona, the price increase will increase the bad situation of the mobile market, referring to the market sales fell significantly, which amounted to a decrease by 50% at some times.

The source said one of the companies manufacturing the phone, if there are some models has been raising their prices to accommodate the increase of the dollar that occurred during the past few weeks.

Since mid-May last prices of the dollar against the pound, rapidly until it rose 34 penny in the week before returning low during the recent period.

According to the source, most of the price increase was in the phones Chip Economic less price, the flagship phones were to absorb the increase without download the client to any new burdens.

And the dollar price increase of 15.70 pounds in mid-May last for up to about 16.21 pounds for sale by the end of trading on Thursday last.

The source said that the significant increase has cast a shadow on the phones, under the high cost of shipping caused by the corona virus which is difficult for the companies occupation, thus raising prices.

Ahmed Abou auf, the president of the company contact, the price of mobile phones has increased due to the high price of the dollar, where the price of the dollar against the pound significantly over the past few weeks.


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