The domestic animation “Eagle Catch a Chicken” is set to be released on October 1st, the first preview of “Eagle Chicken” in the sky-Mtime

Time NewsDomestic animated film “Eagle catches a chick”The preview and posters of the scheduled files were released today, and they entered the National Day file with a vigorous attitude. The files are scheduled for October 1st.

The preparation and production of “Eagle Catch a Chicken” lasted ten years, and the story was born out of a Chinese childhood game. The film uses animal anthropomorphism to spread traditional Chinese culture to the world, breaks the cultural barriers between the East and the West, and uses international common language to vividly convey the rich themes of struggle, birth equality, great love, innovation and harmonious development.

The movie tells the story of Kitty Jinbao, who grew up in Chicken Village, and Xiaoji Xiaodi, who was not convinced of their fate, to join hands to pursue the dream of flying. In the process of learning to fly and realizing their ideals, Jinbao and Xiaodi not only had to face the challenge of self-transformation and breakthrough, but also met the heroic and mighty guard captain Gai at the bustling bird residence-Bird City. As the journey progressed, The mystery of Kitty Jinbao’s life experience growing up in Ji Village, an unsettled case in the bird world for many years, and the secret power of the obsidian hidden in the Ji Village, led these three teenagers to a larger conspiracy.

First Exposure Trailer “Eagle Rooster” Sky
Ideal teenagers have extraordinary dreams

As can be seen in the plot trailer of this exposure, the film style is fresh and delicate, with vivid details, and the hairs of poultry and birds have their own characteristics. Among them, the villagers in the chicken village are soft and cute. From the cuteness of the baby eagle to the sassy and extraordinary after growing into an eagle, the image change process also fully demonstrates the leading level of the main creator in the production of poultry hair. At the same time, the special effects of “Eagle Catch the Chicken” are eye-catching, the action scenes and chasing scenes are thrilling and immersive.

In addition to showing the film’s picture quality and adventurous temperament, Kitty Jinbao’s growth theme of chasing dreams and flying bravely is also officially unveiled. Jinbao has experienced the incompatibility of “eagles and chickens”. From questioning self to gaining identity, Jinbao finally broke through the spiritual barrier. With the determination to fall if he can’t fly, he became an eagle soaring in the sky. The high-burning growth process made people feel excited and moved.

In the film, “flying high, all you see are smiling faces. Flying low, you can see all butts.” “Since you are an eagle, you can fly by yourself, otherwise it will be a dead end.” And other inspirational lines are brought to the film With the perseverance and strength throughout, projecting the spirit of self-confidence and self-improvement of the current younger generation.

In the fixed posters released at the same time today, the childhood days of Jin Bao and Xiao Di poked their heads out of the mother chicken’s white wings, and looked at the world with curious eyes. The wings on their chests were bright and bright. Contains infinite vitality. The background of the poster is filled with white feathers, symbolizing the warmth and generosity of maternal love. It is precisely because of the solid backing of Mother Chicken that Jinbao and Xiaodi have the confidence and confidence to chase their dreams.

The fixed-file poster not only points out the theme of youth and growth in the film, but also contains a Chinese-style family relationship that repays gratitude. The eager Jin Bao and Xiao Di are inviting the audience to rush to the sky together. It will be the strongest armor for mother chicken.

Feather version fixed file poster

Suitable for all ages to create blockbuster movies
Exploring cross-cultural expression through edutainment

“Eagle Catch a Chicken” uses the familiar Chinese national game of the same name as the source of inspiration for the story characters. Through subversive innovation, it has constructed a happy and loving animal world, the futuristic big city “Bird City” and the leisurely life. The world’s chicken village “Gugu Town” has become the epitome of urban and rural life.

In “Cuckoo Town”, the friendly neighborhood and the quiet living environment, the chickens live a stable and uncontested country life; and in the prosperous bird city, all kinds of birds of prey coexist here, with high competition and high competition. On the one hand, the high-pressure ecology makes Bird City lively, but there are also deep-seated problems. The sharp contrast between Cuckoo Town and Bird City reflects the distinctive characteristics of their respective species, and also puts the growth story of Jinbao and Xiaodi into a more complex and profound social environment.

On the one hand, the film uses Kitty to trace the experience of self and learn to fly, inspiring Chinese teenagers to shine in their dreams, and also reflects serious themes through small cuts, such as the development of the balance between nature and environmental protection, the communication and understanding between different ethnic groups, and the deeds How the global villagers of a community of shared destiny develop harmoniously, etc. The Chinese-style answers given in “The Eagle Catch the Chicken” contain wisdom and philosophical thinking, which is of great educational significance.


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