The Dominant Women’s Volleyball Team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School: Achieving New Breakthroughs in Province-Level Middle School Volleyball

2023-09-19 03:15:30

The women’s volleyball team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School has won two national championships this year, achieving a new breakthrough in volleyball for middle school students in our province.

September 19, 2023 11:15:30

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Li Zinan Jia Honglu

□Li Zinan reporter Jia Honglu

Speaking of Tieli No. 1 Middle School, Tieli people will sincerely praise: “That is a good school. Not only do the students have good academic performance, but the volleyball team is also the national champion!”

Indeed, the Tieli No. 1 Middle School Women’s Volleyball Team is a team that cannot be ignored in the Chinese volleyball world. This year alone, this team achieved a double championship in one year, winning the championship of the high school women’s group of the 19th National Middle School Volleyball League and the championship of the volleyball event (high school group) of the National Sports Traditional Project School League, achieving the goal of middle school volleyball in our province. new breakthroughs.

In addition to excellent results, Tieli No. 1 Middle School has cultivated a large number of volleyball talents for the country. Among the previous players, Zhang Xiannan was selected into the national youth men’s volleyball team roster; Wang Yizhu and Sun Qianya were selected into the national junior women’s volleyball team training camp roster; in 2022, player Wang Yizhu was selected into the Chinese women’s volleyball national team roster and participated in the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships ; In 2023, player Zhu Hangting was selected for the 2023 U19 women’s volleyball national team. He is also the only athlete in the country selected as a middle school volleyball player. In 2022, the women’s volleyball team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School was included in the list of “National Volleyball High-level Sports Reserve Talent Base” (2022-2025).

The integration of physical education and education makes the small town school team become a star on the field

On May 29, when she received the news of being selected for the 2023 U19 women’s volleyball national team training list, Zhu Hangting from Tieli No. 1 Middle School was training hard. She said: “We must use the time before departure to train intensively and enter in a fuller state. The U19 women’s volleyball national team is training.”

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The honor wall of the Tieli No. 1 Middle School Volleyball Hall is full of photos of outstanding players who came out of here. They were either selected for the national team or admitted to prestigious schools, becoming role models for the team members to follow. Now, the team members include not only primary school students and junior high school students from Harbin, Qiqihar and other provinces, but also children from Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning and other places.

Zhang Zhaohua, coach of the volleyball team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School, said that three years ago, the school opened a special volleyball class. The team members focus on four subjects: Chinese, mathematics, English and politics. They are taught by senior teachers. Once their academic performance declines, they will be suspended from training.

“Recruitment for individual sports and high-level college sports teams is an important way for children on the volleyball team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School to advance to higher education. Now, every year, school team coaches from prestigious universities call me and ask me to book good prospects.” Zhang Zhaohua said.

Starting from the first class of graduates in 2016, more than 60 members of the volleyball team have been admitted to ideal universities, most of which are famous universities such as Jilin University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, and Central University of Finance and Economics.

Fighting all the way, every day is a new starting point

Looking back at the development history of the Tieli No. 1 Middle School volleyball team, the road to victory has never been just flowers and applause.

In the fall of 2011, Zhang Zhaohua started to form a volleyball team. The first batch of team members were selected from several surrounding primary and secondary schools. In 2013, the women’s volleyball team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School, which had been formed for less than two years, suffered a disastrous defeat. At the provincial middle school sports meeting, due to the huge difference in age and strength, they were beaten 25-0 by their opponents in the first game. “Parents were crying in the stands, and the players were crying below.” After the game, Zhang Zhaohua promised the players: “I will definitely lead you to win the provincial championship before you graduate!” Since then, everyone has been holding back a feeling of excitement. The hard training mode has been turned on, and even on New Year’s Eve and the first day of the Lunar New Year, I have to practice for a long time.

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In 2014, Tieli No. 1 Middle School hosted the National Middle School Volleyball Championship. The women’s volleyball team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School participated in the national competition for the first time and won eighth place. Won second place in the men’s small age group competition. Two years later, the men’s volleyball team won the junior age group championship for the first time, while the women’s volleyball team ranked fourth. In 2016, Zhang Zhaohua’s promise came true. He led the Tieli No. 1 Middle School Women’s Volleyball Team to win the provincial volleyball championship.

After more than 10 years of development, the Tieli No. 1 Middle School volleyball team already has a relatively stable team of about 50 players. In addition to the two team-building coaches, Zhang Zhaohua and Li Wei, two more coaches later joined the coaching staff, and a physical education teacher was responsible for the children’s physical training.

Fighting all the way from within the province to outside the province, and even out of the country. This team has participated in more than 70 domestic and international competitions, and has achieved great results in many international and domestic competitions. Now this team has a new goal. “I hope to represent China in the World Volleyball Competition for Middle School Students and let more people know about the women’s volleyball team of Tieli No. 1 Middle School!” Zhang Zhaohua said with great expectation.

Behind the championship, multiple departments gather strong synergy

Zhang Zhaohua, who graduated from the School of Physical Education of Jilin University in 2011, could have gone to a big city to be a physical education teacher, but he chose Tieli No. 1 Middle School instead.

“I chose to come to Tieli. First, in 2010, Tieli City allocated 7 million yuan to build the largest steel structure gymnasium in the province for Tieli No. 1 Middle School; second, I have always had a ‘championship dream’ in my heart, and Tieli No. 1 Middle School is the only middle school that promised me to form a volleyball team,” Zhang Zhaohua said.

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The road to becoming a champion cannot be paved without fertile soil that nourishes the growth of champions. The Tieli No. 1 Middle School Volleyball Team, as a school team in a county-level city, has become a model for the integration of sports and education at the grassroots level in China. It has emerged as a group of volleyball players who shine on the field. Behind these honors is the Provincial General Administration of Sports and the Provincial Department of Education’s support for Tieli No. 1 Middle School. The continuous attention and strong support for volleyball; it is the Tieli Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s full investment in Tieli education and the great importance they attach to Tieli No. 1 Middle School volleyball; it is the Tieli Municipal Education and Culture and Sports System’s insistence on the integration of physical education and promotion of The comprehensive development of students has yielded numerous fruits; it is also the joint efforts of the previous management of Tieli No. 1 Middle School and the volleyball coaches, teachers and students, and the great achievements created by their love and persistence for volleyball.

Starting in 2017, Tieli City has specially approved special funds of 500,000 yuan every year, which will be adjusted to 600,000 yuan in 2020. In 2023, another 700,000 yuan will be allocated to support the development of volleyball. The team’s training equipment, competition fees and team members’ training subsidies are all guaranteed, and children participating in training do not have to pay fees. In 2021, Tieli City invested another 6.33 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the training venues. Zhang Zhaohua said: “With the support of the government, we don’t have any worries when developing our team. We just need to focus on training and children’s learning. We can really focus on it.”

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