the door of dreams opens for a girl passionate about dance

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The dance school in her popular district having been closed for several months due to Covid-19, an eight-year-old Neapolitan, from a poor family, trained alone to dance in the Umberto shopping arcade. A place of great passage, located in the heart of Naples, where she was noticed by Stéphane Lissner, who will leave the Paris Opera in 2021 and has been appointed head of the prestigious San Carlo theater. He opened the door of dreams to her.

From our correspondent in Rome, Anne Le Nir

Face with fine features, covered with a mask in cheerful colors, very tight bun, gloved hands, feet shod in sneakers or ballerinas, little Miriam, eight years old, amazed passers-by at the Umberto Gallery in Naples for weeks.

The dance school that she had been attending assiduously since 2017 being closed, it was on the mosaic pavement of this jewel of Art Nouveau that she trained.
Pirouettes, adages, arabesques… So many exercises under the watchful eye of his father, one of the guardians of the famous gallery.

Classical dance teachers noticed her and suggested to her parents that she join the academy of the theater-opera San Carlo. But the registration fees were far too high for this very modest family.

The epilogue has the flavor of a dream. After admiring his prowess, the new director of San Carlo, Stephane Lissner, decided to offer him a scholarship. A gesture that rewards the courage and creativity of this Neapolitan, who has become a symbol of hope for Italian youth.

A video, posted by the Republic on Facebook, the watch dancing.


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