The doses of the vaccines stolen from the Comodoro Rivadavia hospital were applied in the Truckers Union

The prosecutor Andrea Rubio said this Friday at a press conference that both at the headquarters of the Truckers Union and at its Obra Social de Comodoro Rivadavia documentation was found indicating that members of that union organization applied the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus and there they were going to apply the second.

This fact is directly related to the theft of 30 doses (corresponding to the second application) from the Comodoro Rivadavia Hospital. The vaccine was to be administered by a nurse who works both in Truckers and in the hospital and whose house was raided in recent days.

The prosecution comes to the Truckers Union for testimonies given during the investigation by people who said “they knew that people were vaccinated in that union. At the headquarters of the Welfare Projects, e-mails were obtained on computers from executives that gave an account of said vaccination and indications that “the second dose” was also obtained.

In addition, as he learned Clarion, Five more raids were carried out to find those who took the first dose, whose vials were also stolen, although no complaint was made.

The prosecution came to this instance after inspecting cell phones after the raids carried out this week. In one of them, a group called “vaccines” was found, which contained the names of those who were vaccinated. It is another group of vaccinated VIP, this time in the Truckers union led by Jorge Taboada, a leader very close to Hugo moyano.

The raid carried out this morning at the truck drivers’ headquarters in Comodoro Rivadavia / El Chubut

Moyano is involved in the national scandal regarding a vaccinated VIP since both he and his wife and their 20-year-old son alone would have also received the first dose of Russian vaccine against the coronavirus.

The theft of the 30 doses of vaccines from the Comodoro Rivadavia Hospital occurred at the end of January. The truckers representatives received the first dose on the 29th of that month and this Friday they would receive the second.

“A little more and we grabbed them with syringes in hand,” a source of justice confided to Clarion. The complaint about the disappearance of the 30 doses, corresponding to the second application, was only made on February 8 and was publicly disclosed last Monday. Rubio clarified that although these doses cannot yet be linked to those stolen “it is evident that there is evidence that they would be the same.”

According to the information collected by Clarín from now on, the continuity of the investigation will go to the hands of the federal justice, taking into account that the vaccines reach the province by national decisions and media. Computer experts were doomed to open cell phones and also computers where there would be messages that would further clarify the facts.Chubut. Correspondent.


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