The double episode “In the family”

Man does not always choose its brand ambassadors. In the case of the “Tatort”, next to the “Tagesschau” the most important core brand of the ARD, it is Olaf Scholz, who has breakfast of all files, who of course struts around with the bazooka with his legs apart. The thing with the brand is to be understood literally, because the Federal Ministry of Finance is responsible for around fifty special stamps of Deutsche Post every year. Scholz’s house is currently issuing a “crime scene” stamp. The occasion is the 50th birthday of the Murder and Advice series, the first episode of which was not yet produced as a “crime scene”, “Taxi to Leipzig”, was shown on November 29, 1970. It began – just like the latest episode, which is just as atmospheric – with a headless attitude.

The stamp was designed by the Bonn graphic artist Thomas Steinacker, who cheekily mounted a motif from the iconic series opening credits in the outline of a cathode ray tube screen in front of a museum test image: pure nostalgia, indulging in old size. Nothing of all the digital youthful Killefitz that ARD is so proud of.

For the anniversary, a lot of additional low-budget content was dumped into the social networks: quizzes, games, chats, mash-ups, congratulations, interviews, a funny mockumentary about the new Bremen team about to start work (Jasna Fritzi Bauer , Luise Wolfram and Dar Salim). “The ‘Tatort’ will also face changed viewing habits in the near future,” announced WDR program director Jörg Schönenborn on the occasion of the fifty year old – and it sounds like a threat. The “Tatort” app has apparently gone so badly that it has now been shut down meekly.

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With the force of a classic tragedy

Perhaps Steinacker’s suspicion is just right: The “crime scene” campfire on Sunday evening is no longer explained by the fact that the series is excitingly innovative, but by the fact that it is precisely that. What may once have been a spiritual cleansing ritual at the end of the week – the mucked out Augean stable -, since Schimanski also a proletarian-social-democratic reply to Helmut Kohl’s republic, is now perhaps just a ritual of the fixed time. Less law and order than common law.


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