The duplicate of the traffic permit and other procedures that can be obtained online

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In the digital era in which we live, it is increasingly common to be able to make transactions telematically, especially with the aim of avoiding unnecessary displacements, queues, previous appointments and save a lot of time with administrations. Now citizens (natural or legal person) who need to request a duplicate of the traffic permit, as well as request the International Permit, will no longer have to request such an appointment or move to the Traffic Headquarters of their province, but may do so by Internet through the Agency’s Electronic Headquarters, as reported by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) through its official Twitter account.

To carry out this procedure, it will only be necessary to have the electronic DNI, Digital certificate or @Clave and enter the fee number, with the possibility of acquiring it and paying it electronically within the process of requesting said circulation permit. If any incident occurs during the processing of the duplicate, the DGT department responsible for carrying out the procedure (Centro Estrada CTDA) will contact the interested party directly via the telephone or email indicated in the request, so that none , incidence will be addressed in the provincial traffic headquarters.

Once the duplicate is requested, the requested documentation, the suitability of the procedure will be reviewed and the duplicate of the traffic permit will be issued, which will be sent by postal mail to the address consigned by the interested party in the request itself.

Other telematic procedures
Under the premise of continuing to facilitate the life of the citizen, the DGT is renewing its Electronic Headquarters to make it more secure, easy and personalized. Therefore, if you access this address, you can also perform procedures and services such as renewals, cards, enrollments, points balance, payment of fees, fines … although in a much more intuitive way, since all the procedures have been grouped around five large blocks: fines, driving licenses, vehicles, mobility and other procedures.

To facilitate the task, the Electronic Office has a virtual assistant that explains what can be found in each section and how to access it. In addition, the user can select the language with which he wants to interact (German, English and French) in addition to the co-official languages ​​(Catalan, Basque and Galician), all of them with a simple, clear, direct language. This headquarters is mainly aimed at carrying out procedures electronically, but also offers information on the documents that are needed to carry out a procedure in person, by going to any of the provincial traffic headquarters.

Specifically, in the case of the duplicate of the Driver’s License due to loss, deterioration or theft, the interested party, once the application has been completed and the fee paid, may print the permit or save the provisional permit that will allow him to drive from that moment. The final permit will be received by postal mail. On the other hand, in the case of the International Permit, the interested party will fill out a questionnaire, pay the corresponding fee and may collect said permit at the Provincial Headquarters two working days later, without requesting an appointment.

Telephone processing
In addition to being able to do paperwork at the Electronic Headquarters or go to the provincial traffic headquarters, the citizen can also carry out certain administrative procedures through the telephone 060. Through this channel and for a few months, the address of the vehicle can be changed (tax address), as well as requesting a duplicate driving license or changing the address of the driving license safely and truthfully.

You can also pay fines by phone; It is only necessary to know the date of the notification, the file number and have a bank card. The idea is that the citizen can have several channels to communicate with Traffic and the information and telephone management has to be one of them. .


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