“The duration of vaccine protection is a major unknown”

INTERVIEW – There are still many uncertainties, and we should not hope for the end of the epidemic thanks to vaccines alone, warns Marie-Paule Kieny, president of the Covid-19 Vaccine Committee.

Vaccination of a doctor against Covid-19, in Tver, Russia, on October 12.
Vaccination of a doctor against Covid-19, in Tver, Russia, on October 12. TATYANA MAKEYEVA / REUTERS

Virologist and expert in vaccinology, Marie-Paule Kieny chairs the Covid-19 Vaccine Scientific Committee, set up by the Ministries of Research and Health to evaluate candidate vaccines against Sars-CoV-2. She brushes off some of the challenges posed by upcoming vaccines.

LE FIGARO. – Everyone welcomes the progress in the development of vaccines against Covid-19. Isn’t that going a little fast in the work, the only results revealed remaining fragmentary and presented by press releases?

Marie-Paule KIENY. – For the moment, it is a ray of hope. It’s always good to take in a rather gray period, but we will have to wait until we have scientific publications to examine the substance of these results. However, we can think that the companies concerned, which are listed on the stock exchange, cannot afford to say anything or else they would risk a backlash. But there are still many unknowns, not only

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