The educator of the three-year-old Greta from Viersen denies allegations

IIn the murder trial of the death of three-year-old Greta from Viersen, the suspected educator denied all allegations. In front of the Mönchengladbach regional court, the defender of the twenty-five-year-old read a statement on Thursday that only contained a few sentences. “From the point of view of Greta’s mother, this is a very unsatisfactory day,” said defense attorney Marie Lingnau after the meeting. “Of course she hoped for more.”

The defendant Sandra M. has to answer eight cases of murder and mistreatment of wards. The twenty-five year old from Geldern is said to have compressed the chest of the kindergarten child Greta in April until she stopped breathing. The emergency doctor was able to reanimate the child, but it died days later in the hospital. The teacher is said to have mistreated other children in the same way before. Three of the children are asked to testify in the process.

Educator has always been her “dream job”

For about half an hour M. answered the questions of the presiding judge Lothar Beckers about her career and her curriculum vitae. She spoke very quickly and often interrupted the judge. The now twenty-five year old teacher had already worked in several kindergartens, but often only for a short time.

“We noticed that the collaboration wasn’t working,” she said about her four-month assignment in a daycare center in Tönisvorst. Only when the judge asked her did she admit that she was given notice and not the other way around.

In the next facility in Viersen, she quit after four months because the kindergarten was too big for her. She was also employed in facilities in Kempen and Krefeld. She told a psychiatric expert at the court that she was always her “dream job”.


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