The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer Blackwood: Time to Explore the Deadlands

Starting today, The Elder Scrolls Online players can begin their adventure in the Blackwood expansion. To mark the occasion, Bethesda has released a brand new trailer, which takes us deep into the Dead Lands.

Part of the heart of the Portes d’Oblivions saga, The Elder Scrolls Online : Blackwood still remains an independent story. This saga will know its epilogue at the end of the year through a new extension. If you get started in Blackwood, know that you are going for around 30 hours of play, which will allow you to experience the new companion system, explore the Blackwood, the town of Leyawinn, and take on the challenge. challenge called Rochebosque. Obviously, new places, new places and new side missions are on the program.

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