The election ended in a fishtail with name-calling and bullying

The election of the office of the association of Senegalese of the United States experienced disruption. One of the parties, we note, very early in the morning blocked the premises of the association, closing the doors with padlocks to prevent the normal conduct of the vote in the premises of the association. In these reported clashes, it was revealed that one of the association members was beaten and injured. The latter was transported by Ambulance to the hospital.

Some, having witnessed this scene considered barbaric and insolent, regret the bad behavior of compatriots who refuse to comply with laws and regulations.

And, the intervention of the various religious communities, that is to say Dahiras Mourides and Tidianes, as well as the Catholics did not make it possible to find solutions.

Finally, the two entities have met in two weeks. The ideal, they say, is to strengthen the angles, revise the texts and arrive at a consensus to hold the election in a transparent manner and in good conditions.

Decision of the Steering Committee:

1. Validation of the candidacy of Serigne MBacké Ndiaye after examination of the 2 missing documents on January 5 and which led the electoral committee to reject his candidacy. It should be noted that this steering committee finally recognized the legality of the electoral committee that some contested.

2. Postponement of the elections until a later date. From that moment on, any observer was allowed to remember 2 different bells, unlike Serigne Mbacké Ndiaye’s team who welcomed the decisions of the steering committee as if they came to stabilize a situation that was becoming more and more complicated.

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Each camp accuses the other of being illegal. For the newcomers, Yaya was wrong and her candidacy should not even have come forward. For the outgoing, this steering committee like the previous one has no legality because not convened by the president only authorized to do it, of his own accord or at the request of 20 members of this said committee. Regarding the possibilities of appeal mentioned in the 2 programs, I went through the statutes again to see only the appeal in the event of exclusion, nothing on the appeal in the event of an unconfirmed application unless I lack others texts governing the association.

Where are we after these 5 hours on the air? – 2 teams divided by everything except their common desire to serve the community – A general confusion as attested by the 2 listeners who asked the same question in other forms: what to do?

Unfortunately the very short time reserved for listeners did not allow the debate to be reoriented towards reality. An opportunity was there after the 2 broadcasts of the 2 teams to allow the community to be heard now that we only have a few hours to avoid the worst. What’s going to happen ?

What I can say without being mistaken is that the word ASA is in all the minds and on all the lips of Senegalese and Senegalese living in the country of Uncle Sam already severely shaken by the vile and barbarous acts committed by these American terrorists directed by Donald Trump that a mistake of history had put at the head of the country founding fathers who undoubtedly turned in their graves after what happened on the Capitol in Washington and who is condemned by all layers and social classes, all faiths and communities, the whole world because America does not deserve this.

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The Senegalese community, an integral part of the American people, also felt this shameful attack of lawless anarchists and surely does not need a fracture within it, especially in these hard times of the pandemic with the uncertain tomorrow. May the good GOD unite hearts and minds so that we stay on the right track!


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