The electricity bill for 2020 has been the lowest in the last decade

The electricity bill for 2020 has been the lowest in the last decade, according to a FACUA study on the evolution of the semi-regulated PVPC tariff. Thus, in the whole year the bills of an average consumer have added 764 euros, according to the estimate of FACUA, which calculates a consumption of 366 kWh per month with a contracted power of 4.4 kW. The amount for 2020 is 10.6% lower than the 854 euros per year in 2019, and 25.5% lower than the most expensive year of the decade, 2012, when it reached 958 euros. According to the study, the average bill this year 2020 has ranged between 55.71 euros in April and 69.17 in December, with an average of 63.64 euros, lower than the average of 71.15 of 2019.

The price of kWh of electricity has stood at 12.14 cents this year, 14.5% less than 13.2 in 2019.

In perspective, in the last decade the three years with the most expensive electricity bill were 2012, 2018 and 2013, with sums of 958, 926 and 923 euros per year, respectively.

If this 2020 has been the cheapest year, the second to be so was 2016, when the bill per average user rose to 818 euros. The third was last year, in 2019, when receipts totaled 854 euros.

And all this, taking into account that the electricity bill will end in December with a rise of 0.37% compared to November and already chains two consecutive rises that place it as the highest bill of all 2020, exceeding the largest amount so far, that of January, which was 53.74 euros.

The price of electricity in the wholesale market weighs almost 35% in the regulated tariff or PVPC, which is reflected in the receipt of light from consumers receiving it.


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