The electro duo Daft Punk, it’s over

A helmeted duo, spearhead of the French Touch, author of an immense planetary hit Get Lucky : Daft Punk announced Monday February 22 his separation after 28 years who wrote the history of French electro music. True to their tradition of “invisibility”, the two musicians who make up Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, did not appear in person to make the announcement. They posted an eight minute video on YouTube: its title, Epilogue.

Daft Punk, founded in 1993, participated in the movement of young French musicians who brought the French electro scene out of hiding, with Philippe Zdar, Laurent Garnier, Étienne de Crécy, Arnaud Rebotini, and another emblematic duo, the Versaillais de Air . Daft Punk begins with an explicit title, The New Wave, and quickly established itself as a leader with an acclaimed album in 1997, Homework, which contains the tube Funk. Other tube: Around the world, allows them to acquire international notoriety.

‘Dumb Punks’ triumph at Grammys Awards and Hollywood

A second disc, Discovery in 2001, exerts a considerable influence on young French musicians. The “idiot punks”, as they are called in English, take off. Without being slowed down by the relative failure of their third opus Human after all (2005), darker than the previous ones.

→ ARCHIVE. Daft Punk, golden helmets in Hollywood

The 2010s will be the years of consecration for Daft Punk. The two men in the golden helmets fly from success to success. In the cinema, they script the animated film Interstella 5555 and direct a short film, Electrome, as well as futuristic and demanding clips. Hollywood entrusts them with the soundtrack of the sci-fi movie Tron, Legacy, in 2010.

“Get Lucky”, a feverish and optimistic tempo

Random Access Memories, 2013 album released on the Columbia label brought Daft Punk to international triumph. In 2014, the French electro duo won five trophies at the 56th Grammy Awards, the “Oscars” of American music. Best album of the year, best dance / electro record, best pop recording, best duo, best sound engineer …

Random Access Memories beats all sales records. One million records bought in a week, four million in less than a year, leading listeners in the United States, the United Kingdom, make it one of the most popular records of the twenty-first century. The efficient electronic music of Daft Punk, which feeds his dance with groove, rock or disco influences, is then shared with many musicians who come to give their color to certain pieces: Nile Rodgers, Gorgio Moroder, Chilly Gonzalez …

Get Lucky is the emblem of the feverish tempo and musical optimism of Daft Punk. With the help of Nile Rodgers on guitar and Pharrell Williams on vocals, the bosses of the French Touch make the world dance. They shape the sounds of modern music. The two French have always cultivated rarity and mystery, not showing their faces, giving few interviews and releasing few records. Their separation, which took their fans by surprise, remains unexplained.


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