The electronic cigarette would promote eating disorders

According to a study, the use of electronic cigarettes is associated with an increased risk of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating.

These are little-known dangers and yet very real, if we are to believe the results ofa study published in the journal Eating Behaviors. Scientists reveal a link between vaping and the increased risk for young adults of developing an eating disorder (ADD) such as anorexia nervosa (low or falling weight), bulimia (weight in norm or sometimes high) and binge eating (heavy or increasing weight).

For this study, the researchers analyzed data from 51,231 American students. Of these, 19% said they had used an electronic cigarette in the past 30 days, while 25% were at “high risk” for an eating disorder. Almost 4% reported suffering from an eating disorder.

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Better detect symptoms in vapers

“The higher prevalence of vaping in people with symptoms of eating disorders is of concern given that the co-occurrence of these behaviors can exacerbate health complications such as cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological problems,” he said. lead author of the study Kyle Y. Ganson, University of Toronto.

Based on the results, the study authors advised clinicians to screen for symptoms of eating disorders in students who report e-cigarette use, discourage such use, and watch for potential medical problems. “Governments should continue to adopt policies that regulate electronic cigarettes to protect the health of young people,” the authors add.

In France, a survey by Public Health France showed that in 2018, 3.8% of adults aged 18 to 75 reported using electronic cigarettes on a daily basis. In particular, vaping is considered to be a smoking cessation tool. As there is no combustion of tobacco, the user is in fact not exposed to toxic substances from cigarettes, including tars. But it is still difficult to precisely quantify its consequences on health since the electronic cigarette, which appeared on the market for less than 10 years, offers scientists very little perspective.

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