The Elysée Palace and Edouard Philippe’s entourage try to keep the “Olivier Duhamel affair” at bay

Since the “Olivier Duhamel affair” broke in early January, Emmanuel Macron has been watching each of its twists and turns like milk on the fire. The President of the Republic was able to measure how much Camille Kouchner’s book, The Big Family, an account of the incest practiced at the end of the 1980s by the lawyer Olivier Duhamel on his stepson, then aged 13 or 14, scandalizes the French. “These testimonies, these words, these cries, no one can ignore them”, recognized the head of state in a video published Saturday, January 23. “The silence built by criminals and successive cowardice finally explodes”, added Emmanuel Macron without mince words.

His wife, Brigitte Macron, had already spoken in favor of an evolution of the legislation on the subject. “We must regret that there was such an omerta during this entire period. Shame on those who knew and didn’t say it. That they are really fully ashamed “, also launched on RTL the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. As for Laurent Bigorgne, director of the Montaigne Institute and close to Emmanuel Macron, he explained on January 12 to Release that his friend Olivier Duhamel had ” said he had done “awful” things, that’s the word he used ”. One way to show that Macronie had already denied this traveling companion.

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The opprobrium which unanimously fell on the former president of the National Foundation of Political Sciences (FNSP) and the search for accomplices in the silence which surrounded his behavior imposed a distancing as urgent as strategic. The descriptions in the press of the extent of Olivier Duhamel’s networks paralyzed both the Elysée and the former tenant of Matignon Edouard Philippe. A man of power, the constitutionalist, once close to the Socialist Party, had indeed woven his web to the Elysee and Matignon. Before celebrating the qualification of Emmanuel Macron for the second round of the presidential election, on April 23, 2017, at the La Rotonde brewery, he had passed several notes to the candidate and participated in a few campaign meetings.


Olivier Duhamel did not stop there. After the victory, the former MEP is passionate about this young president “And right and left”. In his review, Powers, he compares him to General de Gaulle and lectures the media who are wrong to nickname him “Jupiter”. He also took up writing with Laurent Bigorgne to analyze the presidential doctrine in a book, Macron, and at the same time (Plon, 2017). Olivier Duhamel also boasts of his meetings at « Château ». According to our information, he was consulted on the first draft of a plan to fight in favor of secularism – the future bill against separatism – as part of interviews organized by the Institut Montaigne and Laurent Bigorgne, again him. In its January 20 issue, Paris Match said that the lawyer even gave some advice on the management of the “Benalla affair” in the summer of 2018.

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