The emotional presentation of María Nelfi with Natalia Jiménez in the final of La Voz Senior | Entertainment

Before the grand final presentation of Maria Nelfi in the diamond of The Senior Voice , the participant and her coach Natalia Jimenez They sang a duo and their performance managed to move the Colombians.

The talented singer Spanish accompanied his pupil on stage one night very important, as was the end of the competence and together they carried out a great show con a very sentimental station wagon.

As expected, Maria Nelfi and her coach shone on stage and put on a great show performing ‘Customs’, from Alberto Aguilera.

From the first moment that Maria Nelfi played the stage of The Senior Voice captivated viewers and coaches with his great talent to interpret the songs with feeling.

Finally, on the night of this Monday, October 25, Maria Nelfi became the winner of the program in the middle of a close final.

Watch the presentation of María Nelfi and Natalia Jiménez at La Voz Senior below:

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