The emotional promise of Julio Domínguez to his father: “I will not leave Cruz Azul until I am champion”

Julio Domínguez came as a child to the basic forces of Blue Cross. He grew up, training in football, until in the 2006 Clausura tournament his opportunity came: hand in hand with Isaac Mizrahi saw his debut in the first blue team, a place he has not left in more than 14 years.

Known as one of the most loyal players in the Liga MX, Cata has never played on a team other than the Machine, despite many rumors and offers from other clubs. And this week, in a conversation with W Deportes, Domínguez revealed the reason why he has not left and does not intend to leave.

The celestial defender assured that, when he was still alive, he promised his father that he would stay at the club until he was champion of Liga MX, so today his commitment is 100% with Cruz Azul and with fulfilling the promise he made to the ‘Brujo’ Domínguez.

“I’m going to keep breaking my mother because I want a title in Cruz Azul, because it’s the team I love. And there is a promise that I always have, which is to my father; I promised him since I was a child, that I was going to debut with Cruz Azul and that I was not going to leave until I was champion, confidence the Cata.

Furthermore, Domínguez added that “This is only known to my family and players who are closest to me. You do not know what has hurt me, what I have cried when I lost finals, when we did not enter the Liguilla, when we were the descent; you don’t know the courage and sadness that it gives me “.

“Yes I have cried, quite a lot. It has hurt a lot because I come from below and I have always followed the team. I have thought about leaving, but I have discussed it with my wife and the promise to my father matters more “, he sentenced. Emotional! Cata is a history of Cruz Azul, he is about to become the player with the most matches in the club’s history, and he loves him like no one else.


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