the employees whistle the suspension of the strike

Employees of the “Team” during a rally on January 18, 2021. They announced that they were suspending their mobilization after two weeks of strike action.

After two weeks of non-publication of the sports daily, the employees announced to suspend their mobilization, after commitments from the management. However, employees remain “vigilant”.

The whistle signals the end of the match. And the strike. But what about the post-game? After fifteen days of strike and non-publication of the newspaper, the employees announced on Friday the suspension of their movement. They had been on strike since January 8, to protest against job cuts and wage cuts planned by management, as part of a job protection plan (PSE). “The fight is not over, assures Francis Magois, journalist at France Football and delegate to the National Union of Journalists (SNJ). We have paused, but at any time we can press the start button. “ For fourteen days, the sports daily, owned by the Amaury group, had been absent from the kiosks, the longest strike movement in its history. “We also miss the team”, slips José Barroso, also delegate to the SNJ. “A heartbreak”, both for editorial journalists and for readers.

The daily will hit newsstands again this weekend. After a Social and Economic Committee (CSE) held on Thursday, and several informal meetings with management, the unions obtained commitments. “We got things done little by little, until the balance was acceptable for the majority of employees, reports José Barroso. The management undertook in particular not to initiate forced departures from model makers, iconographers and photographers, the equivalent of 11 positions. “For the other categories, management has undertaken to reposition or relocate, if there are not enough voluntary departures, details José Barroso. It is an oral commitment from management. ” Other advances were obtained by the unions, concerning the salary per year of seniority or the extension of redeployment leave for certain categories.

“We are being asked to do more with less staff”

The moblization started with a plan to safeguard employment (PSE) providing for the elimination of around fifty posts, including 47 of journalists, within SAS l’Equipe (which includes the daily, the magazine, Bicycle Magazine and France football), which employs a total of 350 people. Twelve job creations are planned in parallel. “It’s a cycle that has lasted since 2012, explains Francis Magois. For eight years, we have been losing staff, we have been asked to transform ourselves, from print to digital. But we’re being asked to do more with fewer people. We will end up doing low-cost. ” The unions have expressed their relief, even though they remain “Vigilant” : “These 14 days have stirred up a lot of resentment, said Francis Magois. We will breathe. But the problems are still there. ”

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