The English variant could be 30% more deadly

This Friday, January 22, during a press conference, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson provided new details on the “English variant”. According to new studies, this one could be around 30% more deadly.

1,610 deaths on January 19, 1,820 on January 20, the UK has been recording catastrophic death figures for several days. The fault, it was said, of the “English variant”, a mutation of the coronavirus which would make it 50 to 70% more contagious, according to some studies. But if this variant is certainly more transmissible, we are now learning that it could also be more lethal.

This is indeed what Boris Johnson said on Friday January 22, as explained The Times, which details:

The prime minister said he was told today “that in addition to spreading faster, there is now evidence that the new variant may be associated with a higher level of mortality.”

A statement supported by Patrick Vallance, chief scientific adviser to the government, according to whom, people tested positive for the English variant would have about a third of additional possibilities of succumbing to Covid-19. This could also help explain the very high number of deaths recorded across the Channel in recent days.

However, if Patrick Vallance expressed concern about this new information, he stressed that uncertainty about the mortality figures still remained at this stage.

Statistically, the scientific advisor detailed the major risk incurred for a man in his sixties as follows:

The average risk is that for every 1,000 people who become infected with the new variant, about 13 or 14 could die, compared to ten previously. ”

This is scary, but according to The Times, even if this information were confirmed, it would not really change the game, for the following reason:

“’Killer variant’ sounds a lot scarier than ‘more contagious variant’; but in reality, the reverse is true. Because the cruel logic of a pandemic is that the really deadly factor remains the number of people infected. This is why epidemiologists would surely prefer to deal with a virus 30% more deadly than with a virus 30% more contagious. ”


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