The enigma of Álex Castro in Cruz Azul

New Year New Life? This does not seem to be the reality of Alex Castro, one of the soccer players from the Blue Cross over which all kinds of doubts hang. Despite the arrival of Juan Reynoso As a strategist for the cement producers, the present of the Colombian footballer has not changed: his place in the call for the first game of this year was occupied by a youth squad.

The ‘number 10’ of the celestial went unnoticed for Robert Dante Siboldi, who only used it for 60 minutes in the entire Guard1anes 2020. The numbers of the one born in Medellín (Colombia) are not encouraging: in the past campaign, started from the bench in 16 games, and in none he saw minutes. In three others he was even summoned, and only saw action in two.

However, with the departure of the Uruguayan a different present was envisioned for the 26-year-old soccer player, but after the first day of this Liga MX, the outcome was not as expected: Juan Reynoso He preferred to summon Jorge Garcia, U-20 youth squad from La Noria, before the South American. Both the as Pablo Ceppelini -who is looking for a way out-, were the only ones absent due to technical decision.

However, despite the little use by a player who aroused many expectations upon his arrival, from the cement club they are not considering leaving the team for this transfer market.

According to the Transfermarket portal, Castro is valued at $ 1.3 million, cash that could serve the celestial to face new signings. Already said Alvaro Davila, CEO, the times of waste are over, so a weight boost is almost a pipe dream right now, but keeping an unused asset on campus is as equal as wasting the money they now protect so suspiciously .

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Has the benefit of the doubt


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