The enormous astonishment of a “survivor” when she finds out how the coronavirus has affected Spain

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Elena is, for now, the last expelled from “Survivors 2020”. He fell at the gala last Thursday, after 91 days on the island. To this we must add the trip from Madrid and the period of adaptation and pre-coexistence in the Honduran hotel. All that time she had been away from the (harsh) planetary reality. Evidently, the organization communicated to the contestants weeks ago the existence of a global pandemic. Clarifying that it had not affected close people, but without going into too much detail.

So Adara Molinero’s mother suddenly found out about everything that has happened in Spain while she was trying to survive the nominations on the island. It happened in the last edition of “Conexión Honduras”, the program with which “Survivors” overwhelms the audience on Sunday night and Monday morning.

The organization did something to Elena that until now it had not done with any other expelled: it passed a video in which he summarized the effects of the pandemic. In the piece, images were seen from before the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain, when the concern was still focused on China. But soon he saw, via television news, that he was already among us. Afterwards, scenes came loose, but they placed the tragedy very well: a morgue in the Ice Palace in Madrid, plans for deserted streets, IFEMA turned into a hospital, death and infection figures, the Prime Minister speaking of exceptional measures, the military on the streets, applause from the balconies …

She was stunned. Shocked. It was the astonished reaction of a person who lived in a “reality” while the rest of the world did it in a science-fiction movie.

“I have hallucinated with the video,” he confessed once he resumed speaking. And he wanted to launch a final message that earned him applause on the set in Madrid, the one in which there is no public and only guests: “The true survivors are those who have been there living through this whole pandemic. And from here send a kiss and a hug to all those families who have been left without their loved ones “, settled in one of the most emotional moments of” Survivors 2020 “.



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