The “Enough is Enough” movement is demanding that Fontajau return to sports

This morning the Pavilion of Fontajau it has been the site of a new manifestation of the movement that has emerged in the networks ‘It’s enough’. Among the dozens of attendees, who have acclaimed the return to sports practice, especially in basketball, it has been observed delegate of the Girona Basketball Federation Xavier Santaló. “We do not understand the restrictions that have been imposed from the institutions. Statistics say that the world of sport is not dangerous,” he said. In fact, the data make it clear that 9 out of 10 infections with Covid-19 occur in family settings.

Santaló believes that these measures “affect children in various fields. On the one hand in the physical aspect and on the other in the mental. It should be added that at certain ages it is very difficult for them to get back into sports. “The claim made in Fontajau has not been the only one produced by the ‘Enough is enough’ movement. The Girona localities of L ‘Escala, Palamós and Lloret de Mar have also been the venue for demonstrations.


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