the epidemic “is under control, as much as we can control it”, says Donald Trump

The coronavirus epidemic is “under control“Said US President Donald Trump on July 28 in an interview with the US website Axios and excerpts from which aired on August 4. However, the president added an enigmatic “as much as we can control it“. To date, the United States remains the country most affected by the virus, with 156,000 deaths since the start of the epidemic.

However, in front of the journalist, Donald Trump maintained that the figures for the Covid-19 epidemic in the United States were better than elsewhere. “We are inferior to the rest of the world, repeated the American president to the journalist, inferior to Europe!“. In the face of the dumbfounded journalist’s objections, Trump persisted, confusing the numbers and charts he presented.

«The death toll is much lower than it was before, explains the President of the United States, it’s dropping in Arizona, Florida“, He explains without convincing the journalist who retorts that at the national level, the number of deaths continues to increase.

«You take into account death in proportion to cases, tries to explain the reporter. I’m talking about deaths as a proportion of the population. This is where the United States is really bad. Much worse than Germany, South Korea, etc.“Nothing helps, Donald Trump is holding on:”you can’t say thatHe simply replies.

Since the start of the pandemic, the main benchmark used to assess the epidemic in a country has been the number of cases, which is possibly related to the number of inhabitants of the country. Donald Trump chooses to present the number of deaths compared to the number of cases so that the situation appears more lenient.

The journalist tries to explain the relevance of the relationship between number of cases and total population. “In South Korea, for example: 51 million inhabitants, 300 deaths. It’s crazy compared to other countries!“, He says.

Pique, the US president refutes the argument, “you do not knowHe repeats twice. This answer surprises the journalist who questions him: “do you think they are faking their stats? South Korea?Donald Trump answers, enigmatic: “I won’t go into that because I have very good relations with the country. But you don’t know».

The exchange ends, the American president splits a “you do not properly informFor the journalist. “I think that if», Responds, annoyed, the person concerned.


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