“The establishment of positive discrimination which does not speak its name involves many dangers”

Tribune. On January 26, Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate in charge of equality between women and men, diversity and equal opportunities, announced the creation of a diversity index. If the details are not yet exposed, it is a question of proposing to the voluntary companies to measure the place which they grant to the “minorities” in their recruitment and their management of human resources, which would allow the establishment of“Corrective actions”.

Emphasized as a value, “diversity” is mentioned not only by certain members of the executive, but also by a large part of the private world. There is, however, a strong contrast between the frequent use of the word and the absence of a shared definition: is it a question of diversity of profiles and backgrounds? Are we talking about social diversity?

In fact, in the minds of many who brandish this notion as a standard, it is a definition that is also (above all?) Based on ethnic criteria, as the famous sentence of Delphine Ernotte pronounced in September 2015 : “We have a television set of white men over 50, and that’s going to have to change. “

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French modesty in discussing ethnic issues is gradually crumbling: the generalization of the use of terms referring to “blood” and the color of individuals is relatively recent. While the intention is laudable – to allow everyone to access certain positions so as to be representative of society – the establishment of positive discrimination that does not speak its name involves many dangers.

Racialization of public debate

First of all, adopting the same reading grid as racist individuals condemns to racialize public debate. Whatever the socio-economic conditions, certain minorities are said to be perpetual victims who should be protected, discriminated against, supported …

Discrimination, whether positive or negative, assigns individuals to predetermined roles that prevent them from progressing

What is the use of repeating to young people that they are victims of discrimination and that it is therefore necessary to find access routes at a discount to access certain positions? The latter integrate this discourse and persuade themselves that the country rejects them, that they have no chance by going through conventional channels. In fact, self-censorship and hatred are favored.

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