The EU refused to discuss sanctions against SP-2

The European Union believes that the sanctions against Nord Stream 2 will hit Europe

Should not impose sanctions that will hit Europe and Germany, said the foreign ministers of the EU countries.

The foreign ministers of the EU member states refused to discuss the issue of introducing a ban on the construction of the gas pipeline to their colleague from Sweden, Ann Linde Nord Stream 2… The minister said this in an interview with the agency TTpublished on Monday 22nd February.

According to Linde, she suggested that ministers include the ban on the SP-2 project in the EU sanctions package against Russia for opposition leader Alexei Navalny, since this is the position of Sweden.

“Several countries have indicated that they consider this inappropriate, since we are talking about energy issues, and should not be subject to sanctions, as someone said, 150 European companies and impose sanctions that will hit Europe and Germany,” said the Swedish Foreign Minister.

At the same time, Linde approved the participation of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the online meeting.

“This is wonderful – an experienced foreign minister who knows the EU and Europe, who participated in the negotiations on an agreement with Iran and who has repeatedly said:“ This is difficult, there are no easy solutions, ”she said.

We will remind, on the eve it became known that the EU no later than a week will impose sanctions on Russian citizensresponsible for the arrest, indictment and sentence to Navalny.

Moscow said that disappointed with this decision of the Union and that another opportunity to rethink the EU’s course towards Russia has been missed.

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